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Adding a new customer

There are two ways customers are added to the Customers management system, through processing a transaction or manually entering the information into the system. 


Transaction Processing

Whenever a transaction is processed, whether it is through the virtual terminal, a hosted payment page or online store, the customer is automatically saved into the customer management system. This will enable you to save time on entering the credit card information for returning customers and on entering the customer into the customer management database.


Manual Entry

To enter a customer manually into the database please follow the steps below.

1) Select the Customers tab and click on New Customer.



2) Enter the customer information and click Save on the top.

a. The customer code is generated automatically. To modify the customer code please click here to view instructions. 

b. Enter the business and/or contact name. 

c. By checking off Accepts Marketing as YES, you will be able to send marketing material to this customer.

d. If the customer is tax exempt check off YES. Remember that taxes are calculated based on the shipping address of the customer. You can also check off YES for wholesale if this customer has access to the wholesale prices on your online store. 

e. Enter the billing information. Remember that by default an email address is required in order for the customer to receive automated receipt emails.

f. Check off Same As Billing if the shipping address is the same as billing.



3) Once your customer is saved you can add the credit card to their file by clicking the Add Card button.



4) Here you can enter the credit card information for the customer.

a. Enter the card number with the expiry date

b. The $0.00 verification by default is set to YES each time you add a new card or change an existing one. This will enable the system to process a $0.00 transaction to verify the card details. The customer will not see this transaction on their statement and the verification will ensure that the card number and expiry date are correct. You will see the $0.00 transactions in your transaction history. If you select 'NO' the system will not run a verification in this instance.

c. Enter the CVV security code, this is the 3 digit code on the back of the card.CVV is a mandatory requirement

You can also select the terminal in the drop down if you have more than one merchant account. 



5) Once you click Save the system will verify the card (if you have selected the $0.00 verification).



Your customer is now saved with the credit card on file. You may add more credit cards by going through steps 3 to 5 again.