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Adding a New User

1) Click "User" on the top blue bar

2) Click on "Create New"

3) Enter your desired User ID, password, and email address. Select the supervisor of the account.

4) Click "Create User"


Once the user is created, you will need to set permissions for this user:

1) Click on "Rights"

2) Select the boxes you would like the user to have access to, and click "Update"


You will also need to assign a "terminal/account" to this user:

1) Click "Terminals"

2) Select the accounts you would like this user to have access to by clicking on it. This is to select which account the user can access.

3) For mobile users: change the pin length to 4-6 and PIN format to numeric and click "Change PIN". This is the PIN that the user will use when setting up the VirtualMerchant mobile app on their device.