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Modifying customer code

When a new customer is added the system automatically generates a customer code. By default, the sequence begins with a prefix CST with a starting number of 1000 and a length of 4 digits. If you would like to modify the sequence of the auto-generated customer code follow the steps below. 

1) Select the Customer tab and click on Customer Settings.



2) Here you can change the customer code settings.

a. Customer Code Settings - If you leave the default customer code (as shown in the example), when a new customer is created it will have a code of CST1000 following by CST1001 and so on. You can change the prefix, the starting number and the number of digits after the prefix. 

b. Customer Card Vault - If card verification by default is set to YES, it will process a $0.00 transactions to verify the credit card each time you add a new card or change an existing one for a customer.  The customer will not see this transaction on their statement and the verification will ensure that the card number and expiry date are correct. You will see the $0.00 transactions in your transaction history. If you select 'NO' the system will not run a verification in this instance.



3) Click Save on the top right corner to save the changes.