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Processing a payment for an existing customer

There are two ways of processing a payment for an existing customer.  


Through the Virtual Terminal

When processing a transaction in the virtual terminal you can start by searching for an existing customer. Simply begin by typing the first letters of the customer's name, last name, company name or customer code. Once you see the customer you are searching for - click on their name and the system will auto-fill the fields. Once the information fields are complete, all that is left for you is to insert the amount of the transaction. 



Through the Customers list

1) Select the Customers tab and find the customer for whom you would like to process a transaction.



2) Once the customer file opens, click the New Transaction button.



3) You will be taken to the virtual terminal with all the information pre-filled, all you have to do is enter the amount.

***PLEASE NOTE: you can change the transaction type and the card number used for the transaction by clicking on the drop down menus.