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E-Commerce Integration Options

You have four choices for your website’s e-commerce integration:


  1. Third Party Shopping Cart Integration
    Our merchant accounts are compatible with a number of third-party shopping cart providers. Some of these are free open-source carts that can be downloaded on your web server, while others are hosted services (usually at an additional monthly cost). Below is a list of supported third party carts:
  2. Direct Gateway (API) Integration
    Your web designer/programmer can also choose to integrate our gateway directly into your website’s custom checkout system. This is done using our Payment Gateway API. The advantage of this integration method is that customers never have to leave your website during the checkout. However, this also creates additional PCI security requirements, including quarterly scans and a valid SSL certificate for encryption.
  3. Hosted Payment Page Integration
    Using our hosted-payment-page is usually the easiest and fastest way to get started. Customers are re-directed to our secure website where they can enter their credit card information as well as any other fields that you request. You can also upload a basic image banner at the top of the page with your logo. Once a transaction is approved, you can specify a “thank you” landing page for us to re-direct your customers to.
  4. Helcim.js (Recommended)
    Best of both worlds. Customers never leave your website, yet the security scope of PCI compliance is reduced just like the Hosted Payment Page. You control the HTML and can fully customize the look and feel. Whenever possible, we recommend this option over the Gateway API or Hosted Payment Page.