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Creating a payment page

There are two ways you can create a hosted payment page. Our wizard will walk you through a series of questions and auto-generate a payment page, or you can create the payment page manually. Most users will find the wizard to be the simplest way to create a page but, both options will allow you create a custom payment page for your business.

Payment Page created using the Wizard

1) Select the Payment Pages tab and click on New Page (Wizard)

Adding a payment page 1


2) A series of 5 questions will be asked such as your transaction type, currency preference, terminal selection and more. Once you have answered the questions you are taken to the New Payment Page settings where you can make further detailed adjustments. 

a. Page information - the page name is generated automatically however, you can change it. You can also change the page to INACTIVE if you ever need to.

b. Page forwarding - in this section you can also input the approval URL that you customers will be redirected to once their card has been approved, as well as the cancel URL if they decide to click Cancel on the payment page.

c. Security settings - if you would like to enforce hashing for the payment page select YES in this section. 

d. Customer settings - here you can allow your customer to log in to make a payment or checkout as guests, you could also make the login compulsory if you select YES in Force Customer Login. You can also ask the customer to agree to the Policies and Terms by checking off the Payment Terms option to YES. To see how to indicate your Terms and Policies please click here

e. Product Settings - in this section you can modify the product settings as you prefer.

f. Field Settings - in this section you can check off the information you would like to show on the page, allow your customer to edit the field and make the field a required field, meaning if they do not input the information into the required field they can not processes the payment.  If you make a field required please ensure that you also check off Show on Page so the customer can see it and Allow Editing so they can input the information. 

g. You can set the amount for the payment page and make it Show on Page to make sure your customers can see the amount. Further, you can allow them to Edit the amount, meaning they can change the amount of the payment. As an option, if you have allowed editing the amount you can also set a minimum amount, so that when the customer does not process a payment for less that the minimum amount. 

Click Save to create the payment page. 


3) Once the page is created, you are taken to the payment page's settings overview. You can click the link to see how your payment page looks (see red arrow).