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Change order settings

If you would like to change the payment terms, view mode, order number formatting and turn on or off email notifications for Orders Due reminders please follow the steps below. 


1) Select the  Orders Tab and click on Order Settings.



2) Make the changes to the options below. When finished, click Save

a. Default Payment Terms - by default the payment term is set to 30 days however, you could change it to any number of days up to 180 days. You can also change the term manually when creating a new order if you need a different term for a specific customer.

b. Order Number Formating - you can change the sequence of the order numbers by selecting a special prefix and starting number.

c. Send Order Due Reminder to Customers - here you can select the frequency of email notifications your customer will get for orders that are due (unpaid). Select from weekly, semi-monthly to monthly, or leave it turned off.

d. Order View Mode - here you can select the default email template for orders. Select between online order view (customer has to click on a link to view the order) or customer portal view (customer needs to log into the customer portal to view the order).

e. Allow Custom Fields - in this section, you can enable the custom fields if you want to add a custom field to orders.

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