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Adding a Brand

Arranging products by brand can allow for easier searching, as well as help you generate effective POS layouts and gives more options for inventory management.

Below are the step by step instructions on how to add a brand for your products and inventory in Helcim Commerce. You can also import the brand along with categories and products via our Quickbooks integration or, by .CSV file - click here to view instructions on using the import features.

1) Select the Products tab and click on Brands.

Adding brand step 1

2) Click the Add a New Brand button in the top right corner. 

3) Enter brand information

a. Enter the brand name here.
b. Select whether the brand is available and whether it will be available in your online and/or POS stores. These options can be changed in the future - for example, if the brand is unavailable for a period of time you can mark it unavailable instead of deleting it.
c. Your brand description can be written here. This is not a mandatory field.

Click Save.

Adding brand step 3

 4) You will see a confirmation at the top that the brand is saved. You may now add brand images or logos by clicking on the square with an image of a camera.

 Brand 4

 5) The image manager will pop up, select NEW UPLOAD tab and choose the image file. You can also drag and drop your image file onto the upload square.

brand 5

6) Once your image has uploaded, a confirmation will show at the top and you can close the Image Manager.

brand six