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Adding a Category

Arranging products by categories can allow for easier searching, as well as help you generate effective POS layouts and allows more options for inventory management.
Below are the step by step instructions on how to add a category. 
1) Select the Products tab and select Categories.
2) Click the Add a New Category button.

Adding Categories 2

3) Fill out your category details and availability. Click Save at the top once you have filled out the fields. 

a. Parent - if you want to create a subcategory you can select the parent category using the drop down. 
b. Category Name enter the category name.
c. Availability - adjust the category's availability.
d. Advanced Options - here you can select the color for the category that will appear in the POS. By selecting YES for Update Color of Sub-Items, the colors will appear the same for the sub-items within this category as the category itself. 
e. Category Description - you can input the category's description in this section. This is not a mandatory field.

4) Click Save. Now you can add attributes if needed. Attributes are specific to the category, they are descriptors that will define the product and help filter products by that attribute.
For example, let’s say the category is “Shirts”, you would add an attribute called “Material”. When adding each shirt to your inventory through “Products”, you would add the type of material beside the “Material” attribute (for example, “Cotton”).
Click Save at the top every time you enter an attribute name. 

5) To add a picture or products to the category click on Categories on the side menu.
6) Select the category you would like to add a picture or products for.

category 6

7) From this page you can either upload a picture by clicking on the image with a camera or, add a new product by clicking on New Product button, to view details on how to add a product, please click here.

category 7