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Create a new order

Below are step-by-step instructions on how to create a new order. 

1) Select the Orders tab and click on New Order.

2) Enter the new order details and click Save (g) at the top. 

a. The order number is generated automatically. However, you can edit or input a different order number. 
b. Select order type from the drop down menu.
c. Select the order status from the drop down menu.
d. Select date issued, date paid if the order has been paid for already and/or select payment terms using the drop down. 
e. Begin typing your customer's name in the search bar and the system will provide you with matches to select from.
f. If this is for a new customer, select the New Customer tab where you can input their contact information.


3) The order form is automatically filled out once you have clicked Save.

a. The billing information is auto-filled based on what the existing customer has on file or what you entered in the previous step.

b. The shipping information can be marked "Same As Billing" or if the existing customer has a shipping address on file it will automatically fill out. Please remember that taxes are calculated based on the shipping address destination. 

c. If the product has already been added to the system, you may begin typing in the name or the SKU of the product - you will see a list of suggestions matching your input. If you do not have the product added, you can simply type in the name and price manually. Once you have entered the product, indicate the quantity and click Add.

d. Enter the discounts and shipping methods.

e. Leave any comments in regards to the order.

The total for the order is calculated automatically with taxes and shipping fees. 



4) Once the order is saved, a few options will show at the top for your convenience.