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Leaving notes on orders

Notes can be left on all orders. By default the customer can not see them however, they can be made public and become visible to the customer. Notes can be added at any time, allowing you to update your customer on the shipping status or any other details in relation to their order. Below you will see how to generate notes.

1) Select the Orders tab, find and click on the order for which you would like to make a note.



2) Scroll to the bottom of the page to find the Notes section. Write the note and click Add Note.



3) If you would like your customer to see the note, click on the PUBLIC button on the side. This note will be visible to the customer and an email is sent to the customer informing them that there has been an update to their order. 



4) A notification confirming that the note is now public will show at the top of the screen. All public notes appear in blue.