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Sending order due reminder

There are two ways to send an order/invoice due reminder. You can send a reminder manually for one order, as shown in the steps below or you can set up weekly, bi-monthly or monthly automatic email reminders. Click here to view instructions on how to set auto reminders. 


1) Select the Orders tab and go into Due orders to find the order for which you would like to send a due reminder. Once you have found the order, click on it.



2) A page with the order will show, click on the  Email Due Reminder button at the top.



3) You will see a preview of the email where you can change the email addresses, subject line as well as the body of the email itself. Click Send Email once you are finished.



4) You will see a confirmation at the top in green that the email has been sent. 

****PLEASE NOTE: the system only verifies a correct email address format, not if the email address is valid. If the email address is invalid you will NOT get a notification.