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Create custom fields

Custom fields can be created in a form of a text box, drop down, checkbox or a radio button. These custom fields can then be added to orders and hosted payment pages. Below are instructions on how to create and add a custom field.


1) Select the Orders tab and click on Custom Fields.



2) Click on Add Custom Field on the top right.



3) Enter the custom field information and click Save at the top.

a. Name - enter the title name of the custom field as you will see it on orders or payment pages. Please ensure to leave the cst_ portion of the name as shown below.

b. Display Name - enter the name of the custom field as it will appear on orders and payment pages, this can be in a form of a question.

c. Field Type - select the field type using the drop down menu.

d. Default Value - enter the options that are available for selection. You can enter multiple default values (such as Yes, No) by putting a comma between the values; creating multiple selectable options. If you selected a text box then this field can be left empty as it won't need options. 

e. Required Check off YES if this is a mandatory field. This will ensure an order is not created if one of the options is not selected.



3) Once the field is created a confirmation will appear at the top.



Below is an example of what the custom field looks like in an order. 

****PLEASE NOTE - you have to enable the custom field option in order settings in order to have the field visible. Instructions on how to enable custom fields can be found by clicking here.