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Manually Keyed

1) Select [F2] for sale

2) Input amount and press [ENTER] (If prompted, select [F1] for yes or [F2] for no to cancel transaction)

3)  Manually enter the account # and press ENTER ( If prompted, select CREDIT or DEBIT)

4)  Input expiration date and press [ENTER]

5)  Select YES or NO to indicate card presence

6)  Input V-Code and press [ENTER] ( If prompted, input Street Address and press [ENTER]) ( If prompted, input Zip Code and press [ENTER])

7)  Select YES to print Customer Copy ( If prompted “Amt Exceeds Bal – Amt Authorized $00.00, Balance Due $00.00, Continue?” select YES and collect remaining amount due with another form of payment or NO to reverse the authorization and cancel the transaction