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Product Catalog

1) At the Home screen press "Catalog"

2) Once in the "Catalog" screen press the "+" button

3) Select "Add Product" or "Create Category"

To add a Product:

  • For the Product information enter Name, Price, SKU (specific product code) and UPC (12 digit number)
  • Press "Use Icon" to select an icon for the product by pressing the specific icon
  • Press "Edit Color" to add a specific color to the product that will show in the Products screen
  • To add a "Modifier" to the product select "Edit Modifiers" and press "Add Modifier"

                         Enter in Name, Options and Price. Multiple options can be selected (eg. pizza sizes - small, medium or large)

                         Press "Save"

                         Once back to "Catalog" screen press "Done" under "Add modifier"

  • Press "Save Product"

To create a Category:

  • Enter a name for the Category or Duplicate to recreate an existing category. Once the Category has been created, you can add products to it by pressing the Category (a white tab will be in the icon for the Category) and following the same add product instructions above).