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Modifying customer portal settings

To modify the customer portal name, password requirements and recurring billing settings, or to set customer permissions for viewing their orders and changing their information in the portal, please follow the steps below.


1) Select the Customers tab and click on Portal Settings.



2) Make the modifications on the customer portal settings page and click Save at the top to save the changes. 


a. General Settings - in this sections you can disable the customer portal by clicking the OFF button as well as change the portal name as it appears to the customers.

b. Orders - by default customers may view their orders (current and historic) in the customer portal. If you would like to disable this function select NO.

c. Customer Information - the customer's address and phone number can be edited through the portal by default. Select NO to prevent customers from editing this information.

d. Payments & Cards - in this section you can modify if customers can change their card number and split their payments. 

Can Modify cards -by default customers can modify their card numbers through the customer portal. If you want to disable this function select NO.

Force Card Verification - this feature is also turned on by default. Once the customer changes or adds a new credit card number into the customer portal, the system will automatically run a $0 transaction to ensure that the card is valid. This will not appear on your customer's monthly statement.

Allow Split Payments - if you want your customers to be able to pay for an order in split payments (multiple cards) select YES in this section.

e. Passwords - this section allows you to set password requirements for your customers. 

Complex Password - No means the customer is required to enter a simple 4 character password. If YES is selected, the customer's password is required to have a minimum of 8 characters with at least one number, one lowercase, and one uppercase letter. 

Password Expiry - select how long the password can be used by the customer before it expires. You can select any period between 1 to 12 months. 

Save Previous Passwords - select how many of the previous passwords are saved by the system and restricted for reuse by the customer. 

Login Timeout - select how low the customer portal remains logged in before it times out and the customer has to re-enter their login information. 

f. Recurring Settings - select YES for Display Recurring Plans if you want customers enrolled in a recurring billing plan to be able to see their plan in the portal.


3) A confirmation will show at the top indicating that the settings have been saved.