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How to print a batch report:

1) Press the purple 'report' button on the top right of the terminal

2) Press the corresponding F3 button for 'detailed report'

3) When it's done printing, you may press the red button to go back to the main screen.


Once you have printed the batch report you will want to settle the terminal:

If 'settlement' is not already on the screen, you will need to scroll through the options by pressing the purple 'more' button on the top left of the terminal.

1) Once the 'settlement' option is visible, press the corresponding F (1,2,3,4) key to select that option

2) When prompted for a password key in 16682 and press enter

3) Press enter to confirm the totals for the day

4) A settlement report will print and say 'settlement successful' 


You have now completed settling your terminal.