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Merging customers

Helcim Commerce creates a new customer whenever a transaction is processed, whether it is through the virtual terminal, a hosted payment page or online store, the customer is automatically saved into the customer management system. Occasionally you may find that one customer has two profiles and you need to merge them. Below are instructions for performing a merge.


1) Select the Customers tab and select Merge Customers



2) You will find two search bars, one for the primary customer and the other for secondary. The primary customer will overwrite all the information that is contained in the secondary, so make sure the primary customer contains the information you wish to keep. Begin to search for the customer by typing in either their name, customer number or the business name. 



3) Once you have selected the primary and secondary customer their information will show. Click the Merge Customers button at the top to finish the merge. 



4) Once the merge is completed you will see a confirmation at the top.