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Adding a Product

Helcim Commerce enables you to add products through a few different methods:

  • Manual entry of the product - see below for instructions. 
  • Import multiple products via Excel (.CSV) file click here to view instructions
  • Import multiple products via QuickBooks Desktop
  • Import multiple products via QuickBooks Online


1) Select the Products tab and select New Product.



2) Enter all the product details and click Save at the top.

  1. Product information - enter the name of the product, select the category and brand using the drop down (to see instructions on how to add a brand click here, a category click here). Enter the SKU (mandatory) and the bar code (optional). 
  2. Pricing Information - enter the price of the product. If your product is on sale then input the Sale Price as well. If a sale price is entered, it will show as $[REGULAR PRICE] $[SALE PRICE] beside the item.
  3. Availability - select whether the product is available, how the product is available for purchase (online and/or retail), as well as whether it is a featured product on the online store. 
  4. Advanced Options - Color Placeholder is the color this product will show in the POS system if there is no image uploaded for the product. Check if the product is shipping or tax exempt. Check ON for Variants if there are going to be different options (for example, colors or sizes) for the products. 
  5. Wholesale Pricing (**NOT YET AVAILABLE - COMING SOON**) - enter the wholesale price for customers that will be marked as wholesalers and enter your cost of the product, this will determine your profitability per product. Inventory Management – Choose
  6. Whether you would like the system to track inventory and enter the threshold level for the inventory management system to send a notification once the level is reached. 
  7. Specifications - enter the specifications of the product. This is especially important if your shipping fees are based on weight or size.
  8. Level 3 Data (Level 3 data is reserved for merchants accepting Corporate, Purchasing and Government credit cards. Please call us if you’d like to enable this feature.) - This information is mandatory if you want to be eligible for Level 3 processing rates.
  9. SEO
  10. Product Description - enter the product description. 
  11. Click Save 

3) You will see a confirmation at the top that the credit has been created. You can then further modify the details of the product. 

  1. Product Image - upload the product images by clicking on the square.
    • An “Upload a New Image” window will pop up and you can drag & drop as many pictures of this product as you’d like
    • You can also click “Choose Files” instead
    • To delete images of the product, click on the picture under Product Images and click Delete
  2. Manage Inventory - click the Manage button to modify the product inventory. 
  3. Attributes - enter the products attribute details, ensure to click Save Attributes once you have entered them. Attributes are specific to the category, they can be shown listed as color, weight, volume, smell, taste,  material composition, etc. You can then list the selections for attributes as variants on every product. For example, if you add an attribute as color, then you can list the variants for the product as blue, black, white, etc. 
  4. Variants - click on the  Modify Options & Variants to enter the variants and click Save Options.  Variants are product specific, they can be listed as size, color, volume, etc. The variants are going to be shown as a drop-down for the customer and users to select from, both on the online store and the POS system.