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Importing products via .CSV file (Excel)

Commerce allows you to quickly import multiple products through a .CSV file. Please follow the steps below.


1) Select the Products tab and select  Import/Export


Importing 1


2) Click on Import from .CSV File


Importing 2


3) Download the sample .CSV file provided. 


Importing 3


4) Open the downloaded .CSV file, it will have the titles in the columns ready for you. Input your information, as in the example below.


  • for columns O through S the questions are YES or No, for example, O = is the product available online. If the answer is YES input 1 and if the answer is NO input 0. 
  • if you input a category that does not exist in your Helcim Commerce system yet, when you upload the products .CSV file the system will automatically create these categories for you. 




5) Save the file once you have finished inputting your products. Click on Choose File to upload your .CSV file and then click on Upload File at the top.


Importing 4


6) You will then see a review of the products you are about to import. At this point, if there is a product you do not want to import simply uncheck it on the left side (see red arrow). Green rows indicate new product entries, yellow signifies an update to an existing product, and red means there is an error with the data. Click Confirm & Import to proceed.


Importing 5


7) A confirmation of import will show at the top. The products will appear along with any other product you already had in the system. 


importing 6


What's next? Your products are missing pictures! Helcim Commerce allows you to upload up to 10 pictures at a time and have them auto assigned to the corresponding product. To view instructions on how to do that please click here.