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Upload images using Auto-Image Assignment

Helcim Commerce allows you to upload up to 10 images at one time and have them auto-assigned to their corresponding products. Please follow the steps below.


1) First, you will need to rename your images in a folder on your computer. The names of the images should be the product SKU (for products), category name or brand name (no spaces), followed by an underscore or dash. In the example below, we have the product SKU followed by an underscore. 


2) Once you have your images ready, select the Settings tab and select Images.


image settings 2

3) Select NO for Save to General.



4) Once No is selected, other options will show. Select YES to all of them.

image settings 4


5) Now drag or chose up to 10 images at a time from the folder you created.

image settings 5


6) Once the images have been uploaded you will see a confirmation. 

****PLEASE NOTE: if the system was unable to match a product by its name, it will notify you. You can view which picture is missing by clicking on the Products tab. 

image settings 6


7) You can now go to your products and see that they have been automatically assigned their images. Please note the red arrow, where an image is missing, this is the image that had an error in the name and was not automatically assigned by the system. Fix the error and upload the image again or, manually upload the image in the product settings section. 

image settings 7


You can now go into each product and edit them as per your needs. To see step by step instructions on how to do that please click here.