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Store Settings

To modify online store settings, customer login requirements, shipping, discounts and payment settings for the online store please see the instructions below.

Select the Online Store tab and select Store Settings.

  1. Online Store - If enabled, your store will be viewable to you and the public
  2. Show Product Review - use this to toggle whether customers can see reviews of products left by other customers. Please note that you first must approve the reviews. See Reviews
  3. Shopping Cart – if you’d like your online store to simply show products without the ability to purchase them, you can set this to OFF
  4. Default Language – The language your online store will display in. To add other languages to this dropdown, please see the article on Language Settings.
  5. Login Required to Checkout – If enabled, new customers will need to create a profile before completing their purchase
  6. Calculate Shipping - this will enable the system to calculate the shipping costs based on your Shipping Settings.
  7. Allow Different Shipping Address – If enabled, this will allow customers to enter a different shipping address from the billing address. Although it can have somewhat of an impact on legitimate sales, by only allowing the shipping destination to be the same as the billing address you can greatly reduce your exposure to fraud. Fraudsters will often use the billing address of the stolen cardholder, but will put their own address of the shipping destination. Please see the article on preventing chargebacks for more information.
  8. Allow Discount Codes – If enabled, this will allow customers to use discount codes you’ve created
  9. Customers Have to Agree to Payment Terms – If enabled, your customers will be required to put a checkmark by Agree to Payment Terms on the checkout page before proceeding. These can be modified under Store Content
  10. Credit Card Preauth Only – If enabled, all purchases will actually go through as pre-authorizations only. This is used when you want to review the order before you agree to fulfill it and accept the payment. Once an order is reviewed, you can capture the transaction and collect payment. If you choose not to fulfill the order for security or other reasons, the pre-authorized amount on the credit card will be returned to the customer in 10-30 days depending on the customer's bank policy.
  11. Tax Location - tax can be calculated based on the customers address or you can create a custom profile based on Country and State/Province
  12. This button will take you to the Domain Name settings. Please see the instructions on settings this up here.