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Importing/Exporting customers and cards

Commerce allows you to import customers and their cards using an Excel spreadsheet. Follow the steps below:


You must import your customers first - otherwise, Commerce won't know where to assign the imported cards. To import your customers:

1)  Go to the Customers tab and select Import/Export.



2) Select Import from .CSV File.



3) Download the sample .CSV file provided. 



4) Open the downloaded .CSV file, it will have the titles in the columns ready for you. All you have to do is input your information, please see example below.



  • if you are missing some information such as customer code, email address or anything else, it will not be a problem. You can import a customer with as little as just a contact name.
  • if you enter a customer code in the file of a customer that already exist in your commerce system the information contained in the file will overwrite the existing information. 





5) Save the file once you have finished inputting your customers. Click on Choose File to upload your .CSV file and then click on Upload File at the top.



6) You will then see a review of the customers you are about to import. At this point, if there is a customer you do not want to import simply uncheck it on the left side (see red arrow). Click Confirm & Import to proceed.


customer import


Once you have imported your customers, you can import the associated card numbers. Follow the steps below to import your card numbers:


1)  Go to the Customers tab and select Import/Export.



2) Click the Import/Export button and select Import Credit Cards from .CSV File.



3) Click Choose File and select your Credit Card.CSV. The file must be formatted properly for the import to work. To see an example of correct formatting, click Download Sample. The import function matches cards with customers based on the customer code, so please make sure that the cards are matched to the correct code on your .CSV. 


  • By default, Excel limits cells to 15 digits - you must set the column used for card numbers to "TEXT" to allow 16 digit card numbers to appear correctly.
  • The system can encrypt 100 card numbers at a time, so merchants with more than 100 cards to store will have to make multiple imports.
  • If you are exporting your customers and cards from another piece of software, please make sure to edit the .CSV files to match the example formats. 



Commerce also allows you to export your customers in .CSV file, similar in format to the import example file. You cannot export card numbers.