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Generating payment page (Buy) button/URL

To generate a recurring plan sign up page or payment page URL, link or a Buy button for your website please see instructions below. 


1) First, you need to create a payment page, click here to see instructions. 


2) Once the payment page is created go to the payment page's setup page by selecting the Payment Pages tab and selecting for which page you would like to generate a button for.  Click on Buy Botton Generator.



3) Enter any information you need and click Generate at the top.

a. Amount - you can enter an amount for this specific button. You can create many buttons with different amounts for the same payment page if you need. If you enter the amount and do not want your customers to be able to change the amount please go to the settings of the payment page (please see step 1) and edit what information is allowed to be edited. 

b. General Fieldsthis field can be left blank for your customer to fill out or you can fill it out your self.

c. Product from Catalog - you can create a button specifically for a product from your catalog.

d. Product Variant from Catalog - you can add a product variant from your catalog for the customer to select. To see how to create a product variant please click here and see step 3.

e. Custom Product - enter a custom product information

f. Recurring - if you can a recurring plan created and you would like this to be a sign-up page for the recurring plan, select the plan you want using the drop down.



  • you can generate as many buttons as you wish and sample them as you go, there are no fees for generating buttons/URL links
  • you can create as many buttons with different amounts, products, custom products as you wish for each payment page. They will all work, as long as you do not change the token of the initial payment page created (step 1 of this article). 

 buy button generator 1

4) You will see three things generated, copy the one you need and enter into the code of your website.

a. Generated URL - if you click the Click Here you will be taken to the actual payment page to see what it looks like.

b. URL - this is the URL of the payment page.

c. HTML - Simple Link - select all if you want to create a link for your website that looks like this: 

add to cart

d. HTML - Form (POST) - select this if you want a button that says Pay Now that looks like this:

pay now