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If you click on ≡ in the upper left corner, you will see a list of options.

  • Dashboard (below): This is the main screen that shows you most of the options, as well as recent processing data.
    • Transaction History: This screen will show all your transactions and is searchable by date range or keyword
    • New Transaction: Click here to process a payment
    • Orders: This screen will show all your orders and is searchable by date range or keyword. The “Due” orders can be edited or processed.
    • Products: This screen will show all your products and is searchable by category, brand, or keyword
    • POS: Click here to create an order using your stored products and process a payment, or save it as an invoice. 
    • Customers: This screen will show all your customer and is searchable by keyword
  • My Account: You can adjust which account and/or terminal you want to process through here.
  • Settings: Here you can adjust tips, taxes, and signature options.
  • Test Connection: See if your app is connected properly to the internet, the as well as our servers.
  • Sync: This will ensure that any changes made in web-based Commerce will be reflected in the app.
  • Help & Support: This will take you to the online Helcim Support Knowledge Base
  • Helcim.com: This will take you to Helcim's home page