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Changing the Language

Helcim Commerce allows you to translate customer-facing interfaces, such as the Hosted Payment Pages, Online Store, Customer Portal, Online Order View, and Receipts. See the instructions below on how to activate a language and setup the proper translation.

 1) Select the Settings tab and select Languages.

2) Select the language using the drop down and click on Add Language

3) Your selected language is then added to the Enabled Languages list. You can click on it to adjust the translations.


  • If you select French or Spanish, all the words are already translated for you. If you select any other language you have to add the translation, begin by clicking on the language to edit it.
  • You can also select English and edit the default wording. For example, if you have a hotel and you want the invoices to show the word "Nights" instead of "Quantity" simply input "quantity" in the English text column and "Nights" in the translation column. Your customers will then see the number of nights they booked versus quantity. 


4) Enter the English text words (A) and the translation of the word in the language (B) you have selected. Keep in mind that you will be able to translate the customer-facing interfaces only. To help you, you may want to open an example of an order and see which words are visible to the customer. Click Save after each added word.

 5) Once you have finished adding the language to the Enabled list, you can set the default language for each customer. Go in to your Customer list and find the customer for whom you'd like to set the default language.
 6) Click on Edit.

 7) Select the Preferred Language in the drop down and click Save