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Hybrid Terminal Setup

Please note that you must first request the Hybrid Integration file from our Support team and perform a download

  1. Your terminal and your smartphone/ tablet must be connected to the same Ethernet network
  2. On your iCT220/ iCT250 terminal, press:
    1. [#]
    2. [9] - Misc Options
    3. [1] - Semi-integrated
    4. [2] - Communication type
    5. [3] - Ethernet
    6. On this screen, you will see the IP number, please record this as you will need it later.
    7. Enter a 4 digit port number (can be any 4 digits) and record this as well.
  3. Open your Helcim Commerce app and click on Settings.
  4. In Hardware Settings, choose the iCT220 or iCT250 terminal you want to connect.
  5. Type in the IP address from Step 2.f. above in the Local IP Address of Terminal line.
  6. Type in the port number from Step 2.g. above in the Port of Terminal line.
  7. Press Save Settings
  8. Your terminal is now connected to your tablet/smartphone.


Issue: "invoice number not allowed" error
Solution: On the terminal:
    • Press #
    • 3 (setup menu)
    • 5 (Trans options)
    • 3 (Prompts)
    • 3 (invoice)
    • 2 (invoice)

Click here for instructions on processing a transaction.