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Processing a transaction

To process a transaction through your POS system please follow the steps below.


1) Select the Point-of-Sale tab. You will see the products displayed based on your POS layout (click here to view how to change or edit your layout).



2) Select the items you would like to add to the order by clicking on the item. If the product has variants (for example shoe size) that you have to select from, you will see the screen below. Click on the desired option and the item will be added to the order.


If you select a product that does not have a variant then it will automatically show up in the order (on the right side) with auto-calculated taxes. 




3) Once the order is complete, you can enter a discount code (if applicable) and click Check Out to proceed.




4) You will see the order summary page. 




a. Total due displayed

b. Select the existing customer by typing in their name, business name or customer number. If this is not an existing customer go to c. 

c. Enter the name and email address of the new customer.

****steps b and c are not mandatory to process the transaction.

d. Select Payment Tender and fill out the information required based on the tender selected.

Credit Card -  you will be asked to enter the credit card information as well as the address verification information such as cardholder's name and address.

Cash - you will be asked to input the cash amount given by the customer. If change is required it will be calculated and displayed by the system, see the image in step 5.

Check - you will be asked to enter the check number.

Misc -  you can enter your own payment description.

Save as Invoice - you will not have to enter anything however you will have to click Process Order at the top to save the order.

Credit Card (External) - if the payment was accepted through a credit card processing method other than Helcim Commerce, you will have to enter the approval code of the transaction once the credit card is approved. 

Debit Card (External) - if the payment was processed through an external debit card payment, you will have to enter the approval code of the transaction once the debit card is approved. 

Once you have selected your tender and entered the information required, click on Process Order at the top.


5) A confirmation will show at the top. An emailed receipt will go to your customer or you can choose to have a printed receipt.