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Issue: Card reader not connecting

When you are in the New Transaction screen, are the blue lights illuminated on the plugged in swiper?

  • Yes - proceed to 1
  • No - proceed to 2

1. Please check the following:

  • Try pressing back, unplugging the reader and plugging back in.

  • Under Settings in the app, is Helcim Card Reader chosen?
  • On the screen that says "Plug in the card reader", is the Credit Card Reader: ENABLED?

  • Check that you have allowed the app to use the microphone in the privacy settings on your device
    • iPhone: Settings > Privacy > Microphone > Helcim Commerce (ENABLED)
    • Android: Settings > Apps > Helcim Commerce > Microphone (ENABLED)

  • Is the switch on the side of the reader in the down position if you are looking at the reader with the audio jack pointed down?

  • Is the volume on the phone/tablet turned all the way up?

  • Does your microphone work through the audio jack? You can test this by inserting headphones that have a microphone and making a call/recording a voice note. Make sure you can both record your voice, and play it back through the headphones successfully.

  • Under Settings in the app, is Helcim Card Reader chosen?
2. Please check the following:
  • Is the card reader plugged in all the way? If you have a phone case, you may sometimes have to remove the case before plugging in the reader.

  • Try pressing back, unplugging and plugging back in.

  • Check for lint or dust in your headset jack. If you find debris, pull it out or blow carefully into the jack.

  • Wipe the metal connector with a cloth. Residue can collect and prevent the reader from making a proper connection.

  • Check for corrosion inside your headset jack. If you see a green color, that’s evidence of corrosion, and you may need to take your device in for service.

  • Replace the card reader battery. Each reader has a CR2025 3V battery inside. If the blue lights fail to illuminate on the transaction screen, and you've tried the steps above, it could mean the battery is dead. To replace the battery, follow the instructions below:


    You can find the battery at various retailers, including Amazon. 

If this does not solve the issue, please give our Support Team a call at 1-877-643-5246.

Issue: Unable to login to Helcim Commerce Mobile / Can't select Account ID or Default Terminal Merchant Account

Just to be sure it’s not a configuration issue, please try the following: 

  1. Login to admin.helcim.com from a computer and make sure to accept the terms of use
  2. Then uninstall and reinstall the Helcim Commerce Mobile app on the device
  3. Now try logging in and selecting the account ID and default terminal

If still unable to see the options to proceed, please contact our Support Team at 1-877-643-5246. Make a note of the device you are using. We need to make sure the device is running a supported OS (must be at minimum iOS 9 or Android 4 or later versions).


Issue: Barcode scanner not connecting or pulling up products (on iOS device)

Ensure you are using recommended hardware: Socket Mobile CHS 7Ci

  1. Disconnect and forget the device in Bluetooth settings
  2. Turn off the scanner and restart it
  3. Scan the barcode below to switch to iOS mode
  4. Now try to scan barcodes
Barcode to switch to iOS mode:

Even if the barcode info has not been setup properly in the app, you should still get an error message. This indicates the scanner is connected but the product is not found.

If the issue persists, please contact our Support Team at 1-877-643-5246.