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Adding Currencies

Helcim Commerce supports processing in multiple currencies. You begin with your core currency which is either in Canadian or US dollars and the system assumes that your product catalog and rates are stored in this currency. Any additional currencies added will be converted from this core currency. You can only add currencies if you have the available merchant IDs (or) terminal IDs that support the desired currencies. Please contact the Helcim Help team at 1-(877)-643-5246 or help@helcim.com to add additional currencies to your account.

Once the Multi Currency has been added to your merchant account, follow the steps below to enable the currency on the system.

1) Select the Settings tab and click on Currencies.


2) Your core currency will be shown. To add a new one, click on New Currency.


3) Fill out the new currency's information and click Save at the top. 

a. Currency - select the currency you would like to add.

b. Terminal (Cards) - using the drop down select the terminal that will be associated with the new currency. 

c. Terminal (EFT/ACH) - select the terminal you will use for your EFT (Electronic Funds Transfers) and ACH (Automated Clearing House). Ths feature is only available for US merchants until Fall of 2017. To enable EFT/ACH please contact the Helcim support team. 

d. Exchange Rate - Enter your exchange rate in relation to your core currency. The exchange rate will impact the product prices depending on the country selected by the customer that allows this currency. 

e. Enable this currency for the online store.

f. Select a Country - select the countries that your customer can choose from to see the prices converted to this currency. For example, if you are a Canadian merchant, your customer selects their country as the United States, the price would convert based on your exchange rate. If your exchange rate was set to 1.1, then the price of let say $100 product would show as $110. You can add multiple countries per exchange rate. 


 4) Once you have saved all your currency details, you will see a confirmation show at the top and the currency appear on your list of currencies.