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Enabling API Access

In order to utilize the Helcim Commerce API, you must provide your account ID as well as an API token. The API token is used to authenticate the server or application making use of the API. You can create as many API tokens as needed. Each token will have its own set of access-controls (permissions).

Create an API Token

  1. Login to your Helcim Commerce Account
  2. Click on "Settings"
  3. Click on "API Access"
  4. Click on "New API Access"
  5. Enter the required information as described below:

Field Name Value Type Description
Status Active (or) Inactive Allows you to enable or disable the API
Nickname Custom A nickname for the application using the API, such as "Website", "Mobile App" or "Shopping Cart". 
Transactions Checked (or) Unchecked Select the types of transactions that can be requested by through the API.
Merchant Accounts / Terminals Checked (or) Unchecked Select which merchant accounts / terminal IDs can be used for processing.
Access Types (View / Modify / Delete) Checked (or) Unchecked You can control the access restrictions for this API token. For example, your application should be able to create customers, but not modify or delete them.