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Helcim.js Overview

Helcim.js is a developer tool that gives you better control of your online processing, while drastically reducing your security and PCI compliance scope. Helcim.js can be used to either process transactions or to tokenize credit cards or bank accounts. When used in conjunction with the Helcim Commerce API, you can achieve full control without the liability of storing and transmitting sensitive cardholder data.

Helcim.js is a JavaScript that uses Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) AJAX to establish a secure connection between the cardholder's web browser and the Helcim Commerce API. Once the transaction is complete, Helcim.js submits the HTML form and your website can capture the results in POST (and XML).

Simply put, Helcim.js allows you to maintain full control over your server, HTML and customer experience, without the security drawbacks usually associated with direct Payment Gateway API integrations. Customers remain on your website, yet sensitive credit card data is never submitted to your server directly.

Helcim.js - Hosted Location

Transaction Flow

Once embedded into your website, the steps below outline to transaction flow created by Helcim.js
  1. The customer enters their credit card information directly on your website.

  2. The customer clicks on "Process".

  3. Instead of submitting the form (POST) back to your server immediately, Helcim.js:

    1. Intercepts the submit request.

    2. Retrieves the sensitive cardholder information from the form (using the input field IDs).

    3. Establishes a secure connection between the client's web-browser and the Helcim Commerce API.

    4. Processes or tokenizes the credit card information.

    5. Converts the response into hidden input fields on your website's form.

    6. Removes sensitive information from the original credit card input fields.

    7. Submits the form.

  4. Your website receives the form (POST) response, containing the transaction response instead of full credit card data.

  5. Your website processes the transaction response and displays an approval or error message to the customer.

Getting Started

The first step to use Helcim.js is to generate a new script configuration.