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New .js Configuration

Helcim.js requires a configuration to be created in order to work. This configuration will control your transaction and security settings, ensuring that the end-user cannot modify your desired settings. To create a new configuration, login to Helcim Commerce:
  • General Settings
    • Status = Whether you want to enable this configuration.
    • Name = A nickname for your reference.

  • Transaction Settings
    • Test Mode = Whether transactions should be processed live or in test-mode.
    • Transaction Type = The type of transaction you wish to process, such as "purchase" or "verify".
    • Currency = The transaction currency (must be supported by the terminal).
    • Terminal = The terminal to use for the transaction.

  • Security Settings (optional)
    • Enforce Hashing = Whether amount hashing is required. Please see hashing instructions for more details.
    • Amount Minimum = The minimum amount that can be processed using this configuration. Setting a minimum helps prevent card-testing on your checkout page.
    • Amount Maximum = The maximum amount that can be processed using this configuraiton. 0 = no limit.
    • Require Captcha = With this option set as Yes it will enable ReCaptcha v3. Additional code will need to be added to be implemented for Captcha to work correctly. Instructions to produce the code using the Code Generator can be found here.
    • Captcha Score Threshold = If this mimimum score is not met the transaction will not process. 1.0 is very likely a good interaction, 0.0 is very likely a bot.


Once created, a configuration "token" will appear. You can copy and paste this token as part of your Helcim.js HTML integration.