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Exporting Customers to QuickBooks Online

Please note that due to limitations in QuickBooks:

  • The customer must already exist in QuickBooks.
    • Customers cannot be created in Commerce and transfered to QuickBooks, only existing customer information can be updated.
    • If you want to create a customer that you need to have synced, create that customer in QuickBooks first.
  • Customer names must be unique
  • Customer codes cannot have letters

In Helcim Commerce...

  1. Click on Customers in the left menu
  2. Under Customers, click Import/Export
  3. Click Export to QuickBooks Online
  4. Click Sync
  5. You will see a list of customers. You can choose all or uncheck all and choose specific ones. (Green = new customer; Yellow = update existing customer; Red = an issue needs to be resolved before the customer can be imported)
  6. Click Confirm & export