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Exporting Products to QuickBooks Online

Please note that due to QuickBooks limitations, SKU will not be exported to QuickBooks and will need to be updated manually.

In Helcim Commerce...

  1. Click on Products in the left menu
  2. Under Products, click Import/Export
  3. Click Export to QuickBooks Online
  4. Click Sync
  5. You will see a list of products.
    • You can choose all or uncheck all and choose specific ones. 
    • (Green = new product; Yellow = update existing product; Red = an issue needs to be resolved before the product can be imported)
    • TYPE, INCOME ACCOUNT, EXPENSE ACCOUNT, ASSET ACCOUNT will be pre-filled with the defaults you chose under settings when you first set up the integration, but can be adjusted manually for each product as well
  6. Click Confirm & export