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SRED Encrypted USB Keypad and Reader

  1. Plug in the card reader through the USB port on your computer
  2. Login to Commerce
  3. Click on Settings in the upper right corner
  4. Click on Virtual Terminal Settings
  5. SRED Key Status > YES
  6. If you want the reader to ask for a PIN before you process a transaction:
    1. enable it here: Require Secure Code > YES
    2. Enter a Secure Code of your choice 
    3. on the SREDKey reader, press #Admin, press 6, press Enter
  7. Press Save

  1. Click on Virtual Terminal
  2. Fill out Amount and any pertinent information
  3. Click on the blank space inside the Card Data box
  4. Manually key or swipe the card on the reader
  5. Click Process Transaction