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Using Your Custom Domain Name

Helcim Commerce provides you with a fully-hosted ecommerce store, including a secure SSL certificate.
Please note that if you are using your domain name for additional DNS records, such as email hosting, you will need to update your DNS records using the "Helcim Advanced DNS" tool to point these services to your existing providers.

Step 1) Enable Your Online Store

  • Login to Helcim Commerce
  • Click on "Online Store"
  • Click on "Store Settings"
  • Set "Online Store" to "On"
  • Configured your store's settings as desired

Step 2) Updating Your Domain's Nameservers

Your first step is to update your domain name servers. All you have to do is point your domain's nameservers to Helcim. For more instructions, please read our step-by-step tutorial.
Is your domain registrar not on the list above? Simply give them a call and ask them how you can change your domain's nameservers to:


Step 3) Enter Your Domain Name

  • Login to Helcim Commerce
  • Click on "Online Store"
  • Click on "Domain Name"
  • Under Hosting Mode, select "Domain Name Hosting"
  • Enter your Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN), such as "www.acmeservices.com" (do not enter https://)
  • Press "Save"

Helcim's webhosting servers will update within 1-3 hours with your domain name and SSL certificate. You will receive an email notification once the domain name is ready to be used. You will then be able to visit your domain name and access your new Online Store, powered by Helcim Commerce.

Changing your MX Settings

It will take up to 3 hours for a domain name to update

Redirecting your DNS may cause issue with your email address. This is an issue with our systems.

When a merchant is using a third-party email provider they need to add the MX(email)records to the DNS setting. 

To help resolve the issue, you may need to look at the DNS history of your domain name:

  • Log into Helcim Commerce->Domain Name->Advance DNS Settings

  • Add each of the DNS entries listed (see screen shot)

This will take 5-60 minutes to update.