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Signing up with Helcim

If you're brand new to Helcim and haven't yet completed the merchant account application, you'll see a simplified version of our My Account portal.

You can go to the the My Account login page by clicking here.

From here you can access your Helcim Commerce trial account, as well as complete our online merchant account application.

  1. Your Helcim Commerce trial can be accessed here. The number of days left of your trial will be shown here as well.

    • Please keep in mind, until you complete an application and activate a live Commerce account, you will not be able to process payments.  
    • The demo performs like a sandbox. You can click all the buttons, customize the look and branding, add products, run test transactions on the demo terminals, etc.
    • Any settings, or customizations you have completed in demo mode will transfer to a live account.
    • To learn more about using Helcim Commerce, access our support section by clicking here.

  2. When you're ready, you can click on one of the packages to start your merchant account application.

  3. Once started, the application and its status will appear here.

    • Business Info = Application is incomplete. Complete the form and press "Submit"
    • Helcim Review = We've received your application and we will reach out shortly with a request for necessary documents
    • Missing Items = We've sent you an e-mail regarding documents we require in order to move forward with your application.
    • Submission = Your application has been submitted to our partner bank for underwriting.
    • Approved = Your application has been approved and the account is now live.

When you are approved for a merchant account you'll get access to the full My Account portal, which is the home for all your merchant account information and management options. Click here to see instructions for full My Account portal.

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out at 1-877-643-5246 or info@helcim.com