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Setup Guide

Creating an online store has never been easier. Helcim Commerce can host your online store for you, so that you don't need to worry about web designers, programming or web-hosting. Below is a suggested setup guide for creating your online store, although these steps do not have to be followed in this order. Click on each step to see the corresponding article.

Please note we are working on this article and adding new links daily. In the meantime, please send us an e-mail or give us a call if you need assistance with any of the unfinished items below. 
  1. Products - Adding your products is probably the best place to start, as they will be the foundation of your store.
  2. Store Content - Change the store title and logo, as well as manage your social media buttons and modify the text that appears on each page.
  3. Store Menus - Modify the buttons that appear in the header and footer of the online store.
  4. Shipping Methods - Modify shipping types that will appear at checkout.
  5. Discount Codes - Modify the discount codes available to your customers at checkout and adjust specifically how they can be used.
  6. Store Settings - Once you've completed the above, go to these settings to make your store live and to modify certain general checkout options.
  7. Hero Images - A hero image is a large picture that is stretched across the top of the page like a banner (you can see an example of this on our sample Online Store). These can be added purely for visual purposes and are not necessary for online store function.
  8. Domain Name- You can purchase and use your own domain name (such as a .com name) while still taking advantage of our fully hosted online store.
  9. Blog - Create blog articles for your customers to read.
  • HelcimOnlineStore.js - This tool allows you to embed either the entire store or a certain product, brand, or category into your own website.
  • Reviews - Our system allows you to enable customer reviews, letting customers leave their thoughts and experiences. As an administrator, you can manage reviews before they are approved for display on your online store.