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Store Menus

These settings let you modify the buttons that appear in the header and footer of the online store and where in the online store they direct your customer.

Please scroll down to see the corresponding screenshots below the text instructions for clarification.

From the left menu, select the Online Store tab and select Store Menus

  1. Header – these buttons will appear at the top of the online store
  2. Footer – these buttons will appear at the bottom of the online store
  3. If you create a submenu, it will appear here
  4. Reset Menus to Defaults – this will revert the headers and footers to the original settings – [Home | Browse Catalog | Brands | Categories | Search] for Header and [Login | Brands | Categories | Home] for Footer. This will also delete any submenus.
  5. Create New Sub-Menu – a sub-menu gives you the ability to add more options to a header or footer button. In the example below, the header contains a menu button called “Brands”. A submenu was created for “Brands”, which can point customers to the brand of their choice.

    Click on Header (A) or Footer (B)

  6. In the Name column, choose what the button text will be (this will be what the customer sees in the Online Store)
  7. In the Link column, choose where the button will direct the customer.
  8. This column will show if the link you chose in G above has numerous options. For example, if you choose “Category” as the link, you can choose a specific Category here.
  9. To add another item, click Add New Menu Item

    To create a submenu, click on Create New Sub-Menu (E)

  10. This will be the name that is displayed in the Header/ Footer, hovering over which will bring up the submenu
  11. This Name will display in the submenu when you hover over J.
  12. This Link will be where the submenu button K will direct the customer.
  13. If there are other choices available for L, this column will appear with a dropdown of the choices. In the example below, choosing Brand as the link brings up a dropdown of the available brands.
  14. In order to have the submenu appear in the header menu, it must be set up in the header menu with “Menu” as the link and the name of the Submenu in H. (See screenshot)

    You can see how this submenu appears in the online store in the screenshot below.