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WooCommerce Helcim.js Instructions

Below are the instructions for integration Helcim Commerce into WooCommerce, using Helcim.js as the integration method. For more options and links to the plugin, please visit: https://www.helcim.com/support/article/207-cart-software-integration-woocommerce/ 

Step 1 | API Configuration

  1. Login to your Helcim Commerce account
  2. Click on "Integrations" in the left menu
  3. Click on "API Access" in the left sub-menu
  4. Click on "New API Access" in the top-right
  5. Create a configuration using the settings below
  6. Click "Save"
  7. Copy the generated API token (use your token, the one on screenshot below is just an example)

Status: ACTIVE
Nickname: WooCommerce
Token: Generated by the system
Transactions: select Process 
Name: WooCommerce
Terminal: please select terminal (s) you will be using. (Do not choose DEMO unless using a DEMO account for testing purposes)
Customers, Orders, Products, Recurring Plans, Subscriptions and Online Store: leave empty

WooCommerce API

Step 2 | Helcim.js Configuration

  1. Click on "Payment Pages" in the left menu
  2. Click on "Helcim.js" in the left sub-menu
  3. Click on "New Configuration" in the top-right
  4. Create a configuration using the settings below
  5. Click "Save"
  6. Copy the generated Helcim.js token (use your token, the one on screenshot below is just an example)

Status: Active
Name: WooCommerce
Test Mode: No
Transaction Type: Card Verify (Tokenize Only)
Currency: please select one
Terminal: please select one
Amount Minimum: 0
Amount Maximum: 0
Enforce hashing: No

helcim.js WooCommerce


Step 3 | Terminal Number

  1. Click on Settings in the top menu bar
  2. Click on Terminals
  3. Note the Terminal number next to your active terminal as it is required for the WooCommerce settings in the plugin.

Step 4 | WooCommerce Settings

Install the plugin, or download it and extract it to: /wp-contents/plugins/ directory
  1. Configure the module in WooCommerce->Settings->Check Out then click 'Helcim'
  2. Click the Enable/Disable box to enable this gateway
  3. Test Mode - click checkbox for ON or OFF
  4. Enter the title to display on the payment selection portion of the checkout page
  5. Choose between the two payment Methods (Helcim.js or Direct Integration)
  6. Enter Helcim.js Token if Payment Method is Helcim.js
  7. Enter Account Id (Helcim Commerce Account Id)
  8. Enter API Token (Helcim Commerce API Access Token)
  9. Choose between Purchase and Pre-auth for transaction type
  10. Enter Terminal ID (Helcim Commerce Terminal ID)
  11. Enter the description your customers will see on the checkout page for this payment option (THIS IS A REQUIRED FIELD)
  12. Choose whether or not you would like to show the Helcim logo on the checkout page