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Adding a subscription to a plan

Once you have created a recurring plan you will want to add subscriptions (customers) to that plan. You will find the instructions below.

***PLEASE NOTE: before you can add a customer to a recurring plan, the customer has to be in your customer database. To see instructions on how to add a customer to the customer management system click here.


1) Select the Recurring tab. A list of your plans will appear. Select the plan to which you would like to subscribe the customer. 


2) The recurring plan will open and you can click on Add Subsciption on the right side. 


3) Fill out the new subscription information and click Save on the top right side.

a. Enter customer's name. As you type the first name, last name or the customer number you will see a drop down with matching customers. 

b. Select the payment type.

c. The subscription amounts are auto-filled for you based on the plan though can be edited. 

d. You could change the status of the subscription to trial or inactive. The default setting is Active. 

e. Select the start date by manually entering it or clicking on the calendar and selecting a date.

f. Select date removed. This will be the end date for the customer's subscription. You do not have to put in a date here via manual entry or the calendar. If you leave it blank you can further select the number of cycles down below.

g. Enter the number of cycles. For example of you have a monthly plan and you enter 12 cycles this will charge the customer for 12 months and then stop. You can also leave the "Date Removed" field blank and cycle at 0 so that the system will bill the customer until you instruct it to stop.


5) A confirmation that a new subscription has been created will be displayed at the top of the screen.