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Creating add-ons for subscriptions

An add-on allows plans to have additional extras. Add-ons could be in a metered, quantity or one-time format. Below are instructions on how you can create an add-on for a plan. 


1) Select the Recurring tab. A list of your plans will appear. Select the plan you would like to modify. 


2) Click on Plan Add-Ons.


3) Click the New Add-On button at the top. 


4) Fill out the information for the add-on and click Save at the top.

****PLEASE NOTE - the Type drop down menu will give you 3 options:

  • Quantity - this allows you to provide the customer with a certain quantity of the add-on at a determined price per unit, for example, training sessions.
  • Metered - this allows you to charge for the add-on depending on customer use, for example, these could be minutes or miles. If you select metered then the auto-billing function of the recurring plan is disabled. Please click here to view how to bill a customer for a metered add-on.
  • One-Time - this allows you to give your customer the add-on only one time. The system will apply this charge to the next recurring billing cycle only.


5) The confirmation that the add-on as been created will show at the top.


6) When you add new subscriptions to the plan (click here for instructions on how to add a new subscription), you will see the subscription add-ons option. You can also go back and add the add-ons onto existing subscriptions through the manage subscription option (to see instructions on how to do that, click here).