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Editing an existing subscription

Editing a subscription

1) Select the Recurring tab. A list of your plans will appear. Select the plan for which you would like to edit a subscription.


2) The recurring plan will open and you can click on Manage Subscriptions on the right side.


3) Select the subscription you want to edit.


4) If you would like to modify the subscription information, click on Edit at the top. If you would like to implement add-ons for this subscription, go down to the subscription add-ons section (red arrow), mark it as active and select your dates and quantity. Click the Save Add-Ons button to activate it. For more information
on add-ons, please click here.


5) If you clicked on the Edit button you will see the subscription information page, make the desired changes and hit Save.


If your plan has many subscribers, it may be faster to go to the Customers tab and search for the customer whose subscription you wish to edit. Click on the customer to see their customer page. On the right-hand side of their customer page, in the Reports section, there is View Subscriptions button. Clicking that button will show you all the subscriptions to which the customer is currently subscribed. Click the subscription you wish to edit - this will bring up the subscription info screen.