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Processing EFT/ACH Transactions

Please note that you will need to have access granted to the EFT/ACH terminal for your user profile. If the EFT/ACH terminal is not visible, please contact the primary user to request access.

There are two ways of processing EFT/ACH transactions. The first way is to go to the virtual terminal and fill out the the required fields to process the EFT/ACH transaction (set the terminal as the EFT/ACH terminal and select the customer under existing customer). The second way is to search for the specific customer for which the transaction is being processed as shown below. 


1) Search the customer that you want to run the EFT/ACH transaction for from the Customers tab.

2) Add a bank account for the customer to run the EFT/ACH.

3) Fill in the bank account info and click 'Save':

a. Select the account type (checking or savings)
b. Select the account type (personal or corporate)
c. Enter the transit/branch number of the account
d. Enter the bank account number

4) Go to Payments, New Transaction and select the EFT/ACH terminal.

5) Enter the amount, select the existing customer, and click 'Process Transaction'.

Potential errors when trying to process an EFT/ACH transaction:

**** For the following errors, please contact support at 1-877-643-5246, press 1. ****

Transaction declined, HTTP POST transactions are not allowed for this account

This terminal or user ID is not permitted to process this transaction type

Transaction declined, call AUTH center

Amount over SVC LMT - you have exceeded one of the limits for EFT/ACH transactions (example limits: $10,000 limit per bank account)