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Performing a partial download - INGENICO iWL250G w/ Wireless Connection Only

For the Ingenico iWL250 with a only cellular connection available:

*Please ensure the batches are settled in the terminal prior to the download. Press the 7 key and follow the on screen prompts to settle your batch.
  1. Press [#]
  2. Press [4] Maintenance
  3. Press [1] Download
  4. Press [1] Setup
  5. Press [2] Wireless
  6. SSL -> ON
  7. Enter Host URL/IP -> Press Green OK key
  8. Enter Host Port -> Press Green OK key
  9. Enter Wireless APN ->Press Green OK key
  10. Enter Login -> Press Green OK key
  11. Enter Password -> Press Green OK key
  12. Enter TMS Identifier -> Press Green OK key. Change this number if advised by the Helcim team by pressing the Yellow key and then enter the new number and Press Green OK key. 
  13. Enter Software NR -> Press Green OK key
  14. Press [2] – Start Download
  15. Press [2] – Software/Param
If you are having trouble completing this download, please give us a call at 877-643-5246 or e-mail us at help@helcim.com.