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Adding a Variant to a Product


Helcim Commerce enables you to allow variants such as sizes, colors, textures or other custom variants to a product uploaded into the system. This can be activated after adding a product or editing a product that is already in the system.

  • Select Products tab and select the product you have created.

  • Ensure that Variants is activated on the product screen. If it does not show on the Product screen select Edit. If Variants for the product have already been enabled please proceed to step 4.

  • After you select Edit scroll down to advanced options and click show that can be found on the right hand side. Ensure that Variants is toggled to On. Click Save before moving on to step 4.

  • When variants are enabled it will show up on the product screen. Click on modify options & Variants.

  • In the Product Options screen (Variants screen) You can adjust the pricing of the variants based on what was setup in the product settings.
  • Pricing for the product can be selected with Variant Price. You can choose the Default price, the Sale price of the original product, or select a custom price by selecting Name your own price. After clicking Name your own price you can enter in your own specific price in the Custom Price field or increase or decrease by clicking up or down on the up and down arrows.
  • Under Option Group Name you can add in a basic descriptor (SIZE was used in the example below).
  • The Options category will be the variants of the product. These have to be separated by commas (The example below used a basic small, medium, large and extra large shown by S,M,L,XL).

After selecting your options make sure to click Save Options.

  • Once the options have been saved the variants for the product will be displayed You can now change some options for each Variant that has been created.

  1. Variant: This will show your Variant name based on what was entered on Step 5.
  2. SKU: A SKU will be automatically generated for each variant that is created. Here you can adjust the SKU if you wish to have a different SKU.
  3. Barcode: Barcodes can be adjusted for each variant as well.
  4. Price, Weight, Length, Width and Height: All the information can be individual adjusted here. For instance, the XL in the above example can be a different price for the extra material.

**Be sure to click SAVE VARIANTS and not save options to properly save your changes.


  • Variants have now been saved and added to the product. These changes will reflect in the POS System and Inventory management screens as well.
    ***Make sure that if you are using the Helcim Commerce App that you sync all data on the application to ensure the variants to appear correctly.


  • Variants can also be edited using a .CSV file. Click on Products and then Import/Export.

Currently, only existing variants can be modified through the Import/Export functions. You cannot add or remove variants.

If you already have variants in the system and wish to adjust them in bulk, using the .CSV is a good way to do so. Once you have your file selected click Upload File.

The changes will show up in a yellow color and allow you to confirm the corrections. Click Confirm & Import

If the import is successful, the following notification will be displayed.

The Commerce system needs to have specific fields in your .CSV file to successfully import the products. You can download the following template from the Commerce import/export settings for the best way to setup your .CSV file.