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Changing the Default Password

If you need help confirming or resetting the default password, please check the Helcim Handbook you received in your account approval email, or get in touch with a Guru by Phone (1 (877) 643-5246)   or by email (help@helcim.com).

We strongly recommend that you change your default password to prevent unwanted access and processing to your equipment. To change the default passwords, please follow the steps below:

1) Press [#]

2) Press [6] for Security

3) Press [2] for PW Params

4) Press [2] for PWSup (for user type: supervisor)

5) Enter the new password. It must be 7 characters long and contain one letter. To create a letter, press the corresponding number key and press [F} to cycle through letters.

6) Press the green [OK]

7) Press red [X] to go back to the welcome screen

You must follow the steps above for each user type.