Helcim Commerce Gateway API

A Powerful Developer API

Beyond Payments, Our API Gives You Control

Helcim Commerce comes with a full developer API. More than just a payment gateway, the API allows you to modify a large number of Helcim Commerce data assets including items in your product catalog, customers, orders and transactions. You can also update and retrieve information in the card-vault including credit card tokens and bank account information. There are more than 80 different API actions that developers can perform.

As a RESTful API, you can send requests using POST fields over HTTPS, and receive XML responses of your requests. We also provide code samples in the most popular languages so that you can get started quickly.

Developer Sandbox

Whether you're a developer working on your small business website, programming a payment solution for a client or working on a large software project, we believe that the Helcim Commerce API will provide you with the advanced features and level of service that you need to make your payments seamless and secure.

Request a permanent developer account. You will receive a unique username and password within one business day. This permanent demo account can be used to develop and test any of your payment projects.

Infographic about different shopping carts

Third-Party Shopping Carts

Using A Third-Party Software or Shopping Cart Provider?

Our merchant services are already integrated with dozens of hosted shopping carts, downloadable stores, order management software and more. Use the link below and see if your desired shopping cart is on the list, or reach out to us with integration recommendations.

QuickBooks Integration

Sync Your Accounting with Ease

Helcim Commerce provides data synchronization for both QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online. This means that you can export your transactions, orders, customers and products to QuickBooks with just a few clicks. You can also import customer information, previous invoices and your product catalog from QuickBooks into Helcim Commerce.