Point of Sale Hardware Composition

Point of Sale (POS) System

Checkout From Any Desktop, Tablet or Phone

Helcim Commerce includes a point of sale system that lets you checkout your customers with ease. You can download the mobile app on your tablet or mobile phone for both Android and iOS devices.

Helcim Commerce's point of sale system also integrates with your product catalog and inventory management system, so stock is tracked and you receive warnings when inventory levels are too low.

Hardware Integrations

Get Your Point-of-Sale and Your Hardware Working Together

Mobile Card Reader

Part of a great point-of-sale experience is adding hardware devices that talk to each other effortlessly.

To accept credit cards, simply connect a Helcim Mobile Reader to your tablet or phone and start accepting payments. Our card-readers provide end-to-end encryption, and allow you to take advantage of lower "card-present" credit card processing rates.

Terminal Integration

Helcim Commerce supports a hybrid terminal-integration with a traditional Ingenico stand-alone terminal. Once paired, the Point-of-Sale sends a new transaction amount to the terminal, and your customer is prompted to pay on a terminal screen. The POS system tracks individual transactions and daily batches, allowing consolidated reporting at the end of each day.

Terminal integration is currently available in Canada for the Ingenico iCT220 and iCT250 terminals. More terminal integrations are currently underway.

You can still use a stand-alone credit card terminal by entering the approval code in the POS tender selection screen.

Printer Integration

Need to print receipts for your customers? You can add a Star Micronics printer by simply going to your tablet or smartphone settings and pairing the printer via Bluetooth. Our POS also lets you email copies of any transaction to your customers.

Cash Drawer Integration

Customers paying by cash? Add a cash drawer to your point-of-sale system using one of our recommended hardware vendors. The point-of-sale will automatically open the drawer when a cash transaction takes place, and tell you the exact change amount to provide to your customer.

Barcode Reader Integration

Speed up your checkout process by using a barcode reader. Simply pair your bar code scanner via Bluetooth and start scanning your items. They will automatically be added to your checkout cart.

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Mobile Apps

Transform Your Device into a Point of Sale

Our Mobile App works on iOS and Android devices, and scales for phone-sized screens as well as tablet screens. All features work accross all devices, so you have access to the tools you need regardless of the device you use.

Simply plug in a Helcim Mobile card reader to start accepting payments, and add hardware peripherals as you need them. You now have a complete point-of-sale system.

Get Going Quickly

Setting up a point-of-sale system should be as easy as downloading an app. Thanks to Helcim Commerce, it is! Download the app, login, and have your data automatically synchronize with your device. As you create orders, process payments and add new customers, the data is automatically synched with Helcim Commerce to make sure that all your information is in one place.

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Unlimited Users And Devices

Keep growing your business without worrying about extra fees. You can install the mobile app on as many devices as you need, with no per-device charges. You can also create an unlimited number of user accounts for your staff, allowing you better control over user access and history.

Customize Your Layouts

Create POS Grid Templates To Checkout Faster

Find popular products quickly with layouts that are easy to use. Customize your layouts based on your needs. You can create multiple layout grids and have them sync accross all your devices, so that your POS users can recreate the same checkout experience wherever they go.